Monday, September 10, 2012

Blue Sky on 9/11: The Reality

The clouds of life are the incident; the blue sky, the reality! This is a spiritual truth we should never forget.

There was something about the blue sky! Many who had witnessed the tragedy unfold in New York City and Washington DC on September 11, 2001 spoke about a peculiar contrast; a world of opposites, if you will. On the one hand, survivors of 9/11 have to live with the memory of seeing victims of the terrorist attack panic, suffer, and in several instances, die. Several survivors even wondered if they going to make it out of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon alive.

Interestingly enough, however, not a few of these 9/11 survivors observed- as if behind the tragedies that were unfolding –the beautiful and clear blue sky. Many thought to themselves: “How can something so horrible happen on such a beautiful day?” Existing side by side was something horrible but yet, something beautiful. This theme of contrasts is reminiscent of those who have been on the very threshold of death. Many who have clinically died and subsequently revived experienced the pain of dying and all of the fear that accompanies it. Yet, in the midst of this many have also reported having a spiritual encounter with God. Indeed, they were immediately overwhelmed with His peace and beauty. The tragic circumstances seemed to have given way to Something more powerful.

Case and point was on July 19, 1989 when United Airlines Flight 232 in the Sioux City Iowa crashed. There were a number of fatalities but one stewardess lived to tell about her experience. She said that as the plane was crashing she was surrounded by flames and flying debris. But during her frightful and chaotic experience, she experienced an overwhelming sense of peace. It was if God was telling her that everything was going to be okay. Incidentally, heaven intervened when things couldn’t get any worse.

Similarly, the blue sky on 9/11 made a deep impression on survivors and spectators alike. Perhaps it was a reminder that, yes, even on beautiful days bad things can happen. As such, we should always be prepared to meet our Maker. But just as important was that the blue sky on September 11, 2001 reminds us that evil does not have the last word; that in the backdrop of all that is painful and senseless there is meaning...there is an answer. 

Clouds may come and go but the blue sky never changes. Which is to say that fortune and misfortune will change with the circumstances, but eternity is that one constant reality in life. It is unseen, but yet it is there!