Thursday, October 11, 2012

Biden, Ryan, Life!

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s position on abortion is morally reprehensible from beginning to end. He gives sanction to an age-old problem of compartmentalizing his religious beliefs from his professional and public life. As such, he enables the grossest violations against human dignity in the name of respecting the so-called right for women to choose whether or not to kill their unborn.

With that said, however, he is more consistent in his pro-abortion defense than Congressman Paul Ryan is with his exceptions to abortion.

On the one hand, Ryan said that life begins at conception. If he were to be consistent with this principle of life he would logically conclude that a child is also conceived in cases rape. Even in this case, these children deserve the same protection as other children who are conceived and then aborted under “normal” circumstances. They are, after all, human beings.

Although Biden’s pro-abortion position is morally deplorable and therefore intolerable, nevertheless, it is more consistent than Ryan’s pro-life position. To be sure, Ryan’s pro-life stance is commendable. But once he starts making exceptions, as he did tonight in the Vice Presidential debate, he creates another weak link in the chain of life.

Some might say, “We take what we can get!” I say, “This attitude of compromise is not only weakening the defense of the unborn, it is seriously undermining the moral and spiritual integrity of America.” For this reason, we should hold Ryan’s feet to the fire because of these exceptions. In other words, we should not turn a blind eye to them! If we do, the culture of life will never be reclaimed.