Monday, August 13, 2012

It's not what you do...

Reposted and revised:

It is not so much what you say or what you do that changes people's hearts for the better, it is what God does with what you say and what you do that really counts. No doubt, the content of our words and actions should, at all times, be morally good. But the mystery of good and lasting change is brought about through the love that we put into them. The Lord can get the most mileage out of our love and sacrifice. As Blessed Mother Theresa said- and here I paraphrase -it is not what we do so much that is pleasing to God, it is how much love we put into what we do. Even the smallest of things can become infinite in God hands.

But there are times when a highly publicized achievement will benefit only a few while small and seemingly unimportant deeds- with God's help -will bring about great changes for many. Psalm 127 says it best: "Unless the LORD build the house, they labor in vain who build." Indeed, virtue acts quietly. And quite often, its benefits are felt long after the virtue has been exercised.

The Catholic monks of old, known for their prayers and sacrifices before embarking on a great mission, were on to something. They taught us before acting or embarking on some project, make time for prayer and spiritual sacrifices. As such, we will not be the only ones acting but God will also act on our behalf. With this, we can leave the rest to Him!