Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pentacost: Replacing the old order

An excerpt from The Mystical City of God, a book inspired by the visions from the venerable Mary of Agreda

-This book enjoys an imprimatur from the Church and approval from many popes

-Published in 17th century

“In the company of the great Queen of Heaven, and encouraged by Her, the twelve Apostles and the rest of the disciples and faithful joyfully waited for the fulfillment of the promise if the Savior, that He would send them the Holy Spirit, the Consoler, who should instruct them and administer unto them all that they had heard in the teaching of the Lord (John 14:26). There were so unanimous and in united in charity, that during all these days none of them had any thought, affection or inclination contrary to those of the rest…into this holy congregation no discord found entrance, because they were united in prayer, in fasting and in the expectation of the Holy Spirit, who does not seek to repose in discordant and unyielding hearts.

In order that it may be inferred , how powerful was this union in charity, not only for disposing them for the reception of the Holy Spirit, but for overcoming and dispersing the evil spirits, I will say: that the demons, who since the death of the Savior had lain prostrate in hell, felt in themselves a new kind of oppression and terror, resulting from the virtues of those assembled in the Cenacle (i.e. Upper Room). Although they could not explain it to themselves, they perceived a new terrifying force, emanating from that place, when they perceived the effects of the doctrine and example of Christ in the behavior of the disciples, they feared the ruin of their dominion…

The twelve Apostles were confirmed in this sanctifying grace and were never to lose it. In all of them, according to each one’s condition, were infused the habits of the seven gifts: Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Piety, Counsel, Fortitude and Fear…In all the rest of the disciples and the faithful who received the Holy Spirit in the Cenacle, the Most High wrought proportionately and respectively the same effects, except that they were not confirmed in grace like the Apostles. According to the disposition of each the gifts of grace were communicated in greater or lesser abundance in view of the ministry they were to hold in the holy Church. The same proportion was maintained in regard to the Apostles; yet St. Peter and St. John were more singularly favored on the account of the High Offices assigned to them: the one to govern the Church as its head, and the other to attend upon and serve the Queen and Mistress of heaven and of earth, most holy Mary…

Blessed is the soul which sighs and aspires after this blessing and seeks to participate in this divine fire, which enkindles, enlightens and consumes all that is terrestrial and carnal, which purifies and raises it up to a new existence, union and participation with God himself.”